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понедельник, 30 января 2012 г.

My current languages

I have realised recently that I like to learn new programming languages. A symptom is a very easy to spot: I have a permanent pile of books I am reading. Thanks for the iPad, I can have them all with me all the time and choose depending on mood. Surprisingly, but books about languages are being read first and replaced with new ones.

Simply wanted to share current interests.

Everyday work (design, planning, coding and reviews): C and C++. C++ 0x11 goes at full speed and it is worth to catch up. ACCU 2012 is almost fully dedicated to the new C++.

For fun:

  • scripting - Ruby
  • a server side and multi-threading: Erlang and Go
  • embedded: Lua and Scheme

To "gnaw" in hope to write something real - Haskell and Prolog.

In a queue at least minimum acquaintance: Clojure. This one is more promising because it is Lisp.

After overall migration to Mac, I wish to try Objection-C and AppleScript in action. But what to write on Mac, in Objective-C? Of course, UI! But UI is totally out of my interests. But, Objective-C still looks tempting because of so quickly growing mobile apps market.

From recently touched, but not involved:

  • Scala - a sophisticated language requiring a "deep dive", and without a real suitable problem the interest is gone. Twitter is already re-written in Scala ;-).
  • Racket - an interesting Lisp based animal on steroids of a very powerful library.

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